About MBC

Mini Boss Crafting was originally founded as an Etsy shop called DesireesGurumi. Originally Desiree (me!) was making and selling crocheted Amigurumi dolls and patterns. The name never really seemed to fit right for the things I wanted to sell, especially when I started moving away from dolls and on to other kinds of projects.


My original run in with latch hooking was very disappointing. Like a lot of other people, the kit that I purchased didn’t have enough yarn to complete it, so it was eventually thrown out after sinking over 20 hours into it. I dove back into latch hooking when I was ill and waiting for my surgery date, I couldn’t move much so a project I could just sit still and work on when I felt up to it was needed.   This led to the creation of my M.C. Escher Bird/Fish wall hanging. While working on my Escher that it slowly dawned on me that latch hooking was actually pixel art and my favorite video games also used pixel art or could be converted to pixel art without much fuss.


You can view my shop on Etsy here:  http://etsy.me/1Oeof7Z