Marle Latch Hook Kit – Chrono Trigger

Finally got our leading lady from Chrono Trigger done.  While it could be argued that Chrono is the only main character of Chrono Trigger (you know, in the name of the game and all) really the entire story gets kicked off by Marle.  If she hadn’t run away and gone to the fair and got zapped by Luccas experiment I don’t see how they would have started time travelling around.  Besides, *SPOILER ALERT* Chrono ends up dying and Marle seems to take over the leadership aspect where story is involved after that until he gets resurrected.  If he gets resurrected.


While watching Marle hold and shoot her crossbow in combat is pretty cool none of them worked really well as a singular frame.  Marle always struck me as being a more powerful mage anyway so I started digging through her casting frames until I found one that I liked.  I noticed that none of the characters have shadows when they are casting magic, I’m assuming this was done to allow the special effects to run without any kind of weirdness but it meant I had to add in a shadow for her.  Hope it looks alright…



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